Management and Board


We are a group of professionals aimed to build a highly profitable company with a focus on environmental preservation technologies.  We have several stable and proven projects, that we are going to convert into solid businesses. The experience of more than 30 years in scientific projects and development let us believe in success.














Andrew has an extensive entrepreneur and international banking background. He consulted with several financial institutions in Zurich, Budapest, and Prague, successfully raising capital for projects in Ukraine, Russia, and Canada. Andrew’s entrepreneur ventures include computer manufacturer and assembler plant Atakam, with facilities in Ukraine and in Los Angeles, Atakamsoft Inc, a software development company, Atakam Medical Inc, a research company that develops bio-active compounds,  Asterforce Inc, and other successful enterprises. Mr. Osichnuk is a founder of SciTech Foundation Inc. Andrew has two master's degrees: Philosophy (1982) and Applied mathematics in computer science (1997). Founder and vice president of the Central European Bank (former).

Andrew Osichnuk

President, CFO, Director

Jose is a managing director at CRESO Capital Partners, a leading boutique middle-market investment banking firm specializing in strategic M&A, capital market transactions, and structuring financings from a broad range of institutional investors and family offices. In addition to working in over 70 transactions, Jose leads the underwriting, financial analysis, and syndications divisions. Mr. Kreidler was also a principal in the mezzanine lending division of CRESO’s Mezzanine JV and was responsible for sourcing, structuring, negotiating and overseeing CRESO’s principal investment opportunities.

Jose holds an M.B.A. with concentrations in Finance and Information Systems from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University and a Bachelor in Science of Mathematical Economics also from Tulane University. Mr. Kreidler is an active member in the Southern California business community and is a member of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), Association for Corporate Growth, Latino DealMakers, and was a member with New America Alliance.

Jose Kreidler

CEO, Chairman,

Mr. Dekhtyar is a business development specialist who has in excess of 20 years of experience in finance and business. He brings a wide variety of strengths to the table that includes strong international management and financial expertise. Mr. Dekhtyar also previously worked as a licensed commodities broker, trader, and advisor. Mr. Dekhtyar also has extensive experience in the management of start-up companies, including fifteen years specifically in finance. Mr. Dekhtyar co-founded an import-export business specializing in wholesale distribution of European products. He also co-founded Sky City Firm, a school designed to teach foreign exchange traders. Mr. Dekhtyar was President of Avalon Capital Holdings Inc. that specialized in software development for banks and financial institutions. In this role, he expanded the business to three continents including Asia, Europe, and South America.

Alexander Dekhtyar

Chief Strategy Officer,

Radio electronics engineer. In 2012, he founded and headed the company Alex Group Latvia - plastic products manufacturing plant. In 2015, he founded and headed the IPEC (International Power Ecology Company) producing the equipment for the disposal of petrochemical industry waste. In 2018, Aleksejs founded and currently heads the Pyrolysis Technology Group (PTG) company for the production of equipment for the disposal of petrochemical industry waste.

Akeksej Grishkovec

Director. European Division.

Engineer - Technologist of Chemical Engineering, author of a number of patents in the field of thermal destruction, chief engineer of 23 built plants for the processing of hazardous waste by thermal destruction. Developed new technological processes for chemical and petrochemical complexes. He graduated from Kirovograd Machine-Building Institute, specializing in the management of machine-building enterprises. From 2008 to 2010 Deputy Director of Southern Oil Ecology Company. From 2010 to 2012 the director of the iPek company in Odessa. From 2012 to 2017 he was the director of the main company iPek in St. Petersburg. From 2017 Chief Technical Officer at Pyrolysis Technology Group.

Dmytro Yankovyi

Director of technology development.

Vadim Gurman

Chief Operating Officer

Vadim Gurman worked on space launch location Kazakstan City Lenings. 2 years managing a team of 90 people that were doing construction of the civil infrastructure around the space station. Then worked in Project Institute Giproselimazh 3 years 1980 year. From 1980 till 1991 worked in the field of setting up infrastructure for the oil and gas industry (private contractor). Came to the USA in 1991. Worked in investments and analytics. Self-employed 1992- 2001. From 2001 opened a business and real estate brokerage company. Has extensive experience in managing all business processes and escrow business till today. Has extensive experience in negotiations of finding business opportunities, mergers, and acquisitions. Graduated as a Civil engineer from Civil Engendering Institute (1975)

David Bernard began working with public companies in 2005 when he purchased Equities Magazine, at which time Equities was on the verge of bankruptcy with only 1700 subscribers.

As CEO, Mr. Bernard grew the circulation to over 900,000 in just 5 years and had subscribers in 101 countries. During this time Mr. Bernard hosted and produced multiple investor conferences in California, New York, London, and Milan.  During his ownership, Mr. Bernard produced many conferences at the NASDAQ Marketsite and the London Stock Exchange.

In 2009, Mr. Bernard started building as CEO and Founder. He grew to over 500,000 daily users and it still flourishes today. David sold Equities Magazine for 120 times what he paid for it and also successfully sold in 2015.

Since 2015, Mr. Bernard has consulted with numerous small-cap and start-up companies.

David Bernard
Chief Investment Officer