The technologies employed by BWPC include nano-engineered chemical injection that clean and treat plugged formations, use of microwave technology in several application methods, hot gas floods that warm crude and restores bottom hole pressure, and acid treatments with nano-engineered solvents that are custom-designed for the oil wells that are treated. The treatments result in increased production for extended time periods for greater return on the drilling dollar spent.

Blue Water Petroleum

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Blue Water Petroleum (BWPC) specializes in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies that substantially improve crude oil production in aging oil fields with depleted Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP), oil fields with “Heavy Oil” that is too viscous to be produced conventionally, producing oil wells with excessive paraffin and asphaltine problems, and oil sands. BWPC also uses technology to treat low quality crude and improve the API gravity and viscosity while reducing basic solids and water (BSW), thereby increasing the value of the crude.

BW believes that with rebounding energy prices and more favorable energy policies that now is the time to vigorously invest again in the oil industry for the benefit of BW share holders.  We believe the opportunity that exists at the current time will not likely be repeated for another decade or more.

Blue Water Petroleum

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