The technologies employed by BWPC include nano-engineered chemical injection that clean and treat plugged formations, use of microwave technology in several application methods, hot gas floods that warm crude and restores bottom hole pressure, and acid treatments with nano-engineered solvents that are custom-designed for the oil wells that are treated. The treatments result in increased production for extended time periods for greater return on the drilling dollar spent.

Blue Water Petroleum

The Multi-Faceted Oil Company

Blue Water Petroleum (BWPC) is a diversified oilfield services company that provides acidizing treatments for older oil wells that have lost production due to deposits of asphaltine, paraffin and calcium scale contamination that are restricting oil flow into the well bore. By using a high-pressure pump truck to deliver Hydrochloric Acid and Nano-Engineered chemicals those contaminants are dissolved and removed from the perforations and the surrounding rocks to greatly increase oil flow in the channels of the oil-bearing rock. As a result of the treatments oil production can be dramatically improved.

BWPC is also a distributor of a full range new age nano-engineered chemicals that can penetrate better and produce better results than the standard chemicals that have been used in the past generations to enhance oil production. Primarily, these are solvents that dissolve and surfactants that cause oil to repel away from the host rock formation.

BWPC has also successfully drilled oil wells in the past and is currently evaluating projects both in the USA and overseas, including production from heavy oil deposits and vast deposits oil sands. There are massive heavy oil deposits that have been ignored due to the high cost of production but BWPC believes these assets can now be produced profitably with use of these modern techniques.

Lastly, BWPC distributes an Environmental Remediation product to clean oil spills on land or water. It is a powder that contains microbes that attaches and consumes toxic crude oil spills and animal waste. When the source of the spill is fully consumed these natural microbes return to a dormant state and disperse. The only byproduct is CO2 released by the microbes as they consume the oil. This environment sound solution is harmless to animals, humans, plastic, wood or glass.

BWPC is always seeking new and innovative technologies to produce crude oil and create value for the company.

Blue Water Petroleum
Blue Water Petroleum

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